How to become a Sexy Swimwear Brand Ambassador

Suits You Sexy Swimwear Brand Ambassador

It is very important to build a relationship first! We want this to be a success for you too. Therefore, we often choose current customers who already know our brand and genuinely love our styles. 

Are you great at Social and feel you can be a good brand ambassador or brand influencer?
The most important thing about being a sexy swimwear brand ambassador is Engagement!

If you are selected as a Suits You Sexy Swimwear Brand Ambassador. You receive the following:
We will start with a couple of sexy bikinis of your choice to use for networking and photoshoots. If we receive good feedback from your posts and mentions, we will be glad to send you more bikinis!
You get great exposure on our social pages and possibly featured on our websites.

Mandatory Requirements!

1. Must be active on Social Media and at least one of the following: currently compete, fitness model, trainer, coach or sexy swimwear model.
2. At least 3k Instagram followers with high positive engagement.
3. An athlete must agree with our ambassador guidelines.

If you’re excited about representing Suits You Sexy Swimwear, email the following to

First and Last Name
Why you would be a great representative of our brand?
Have you purchased from us before?
Instagram Name?
Where are you located (city and state)?
YouTube channel?
Compete in Bikini or Figure?
When was your last competition?
When is your next competition?