Lace Tiny Thong Bikinis, 7 lace fabrics


Sexy Lace Thong Bikinis with nude lining.

It looks see-through, but it’s not! Tiny Thong Bottom with Tiny Bikini Top. Perfect for a sexy bikini contest, swimwear photo shoots, and weekend getaways!

Our "tiny top" (approximately 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide, pads do not fit in this top) is designed for minimal coverage, fits B thru D cup sizes (bigger cup size = less coverage, bikini model is size D cup). The bottom is a low-cut tiny thong (size small).

Customer photo, Maureen Blanquisco.
Maureen Banquisco, Lace Thong Bikini

In Stock, Ready to Ship Tiny Bikinis! Micro bikinis, lace bikinis, thongs, and more by Suits You Sexy Swimwear.

Made in the USA, right here at our store in Clearwater Florida.  

Sexy Swimwear Care Instructions. 

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